The HCI Design Studio. Photo By Andy Hunsucker

HCI/d Master’s students work in the Design Studio, a space dedicated to our program, located in the Informatics building. The space has various tables and desks for work, as well as soft seating options. Students can meet in groups or collaborate with other students from both years in the space. The space is filled with whiteboards and spaces where collaborative work can happen.

Students also have access to several prototyping labs which include 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a variety of hand tools to complete their prototyping projects. Students can take classes to learn more about this work, or get help from their fellow students to start their projects.

Throughout the Informatics building there are many meeting rooms that students can reserve for their own work, both small and large. These spaces can be used for group meetings, research sessions, or quiet, focused work.

Across the street is the newly constructed Luddy Hall which houses additional meeting spaces, along with more prototyping labs.