Our students are regular participants in student design challenges, often recognized for their work. Here are some of the honors achieved by our students.

Small Donation, Big Impact. From Rosie Chen, Aditya More, Marshall Robbins, and Tian Dou. Runners up in the 2018 CHI Student Design Competition

Ruoxun(Rosie) Chen, Tian Dou, Aditya More, Marshall Robbins. Small Donation, Big Impact. CHI Student Design Competition 2018. Runner’s up.

Kathy Li and Pavithra Ramamurthy. Buddy Speech Therapy Robot. Cheng Wu Innovation Challenge 2018. 1st Place.

Haodan Tan, Fuchang Yang, Nava Teja Tummalapalli, Chetan Bhatia, Kaustubh Barde. Raven: A Street Robot to Address Homelessness (https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=3029798.3034948). HRI 2017 Student Design Challenge. 1st Place(https://vimeo.com/206005457)

Hannah Jones. SensAbles – Affordable Wearable Technology. Cheng Wu Innovation Challenged 2017. 1st Place.

Swapna Joshi, Mehul Agrawal, Chetan Bhatia 3D Audio Interface for the Hearing Impaired. 2nd place at Cheng Wu Innovation Challenge 2017. 2nd Place.

AnnaRose Girvin, Bhavesh Anand, Sarah Kiner. The Inquisitors. OzCHI 24 Hour Design Challenge 2016. Finalist.

Nava Teja Tummalapalli, Prashanth Narayanan, Mehul Agarwal, Chetan Bhatia. CORE. OzCHI 24 Hour Design Challenge 2016. Short Listed.

Urvashi Gupta, Sophie Huang, Jordan Jalles, Jiaqi Li. Tangible, Embodied Interactions Student Design Challenge 2015. Finalist. Recognized for best framed problem statement.

Vamsi Chaitanya, Gene Dreyband, Michael Stallings. Microsoft Imagine UX Challenge (World Citizenship), 2014. 1st place. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/microsoftimagine/2014/04/08/meet-the-ux-challenge-winners/

Jacob Farny, Rebekah Olsen, Melissa Rodriguez, Matt Jennex. Anchor: Connecting Sailors to Home. CHI 2012 student design competition, 2nd place.

Shad Gross, Austin Toombs, Jeff Wain, and Kevin Walorski.  Foodmunity: designing community interactions over food. CHI 2011 Student Design Competition. 2nd Place.

Arvind Ashok, Christian M. Beck, and Nick Quagliara. Ri-Ri: assisting bus conductors in madras (chennai). CHI 2007 Student Design Competition. 3rd Place